Easy Starter Exercises for Beginners

Our most recent blog post shared a beginner’s guide to working out. In that article, we discussed that people should take it easy as they’re getting started for both physical safety and optimal strategy. So, what are some official starter exercises that have the Dr. Hartle stamp of approval? We’re glad you asked.


It’s no mystery why people will ask you to drop and give them ten when you mention a desire to start working out. Despite their seemingly simple practice, properly done push-ups work the muscles all over the body. According to WebMD, some of the health benefits they offer include, “Burning calories, protecting your shoulders and lower back from injuries, improving your balance and posture, improving your flexibility, [and] improving your performance in sports and athletic activities.” The best part about them? You can do them from wherever you are! 

Jumping Jacks

Have you ever watched a movie where people are going through intense training? Which exercise is most commonly depicted again? That’s right, jumping jacks! Femina goes so far as to call it the ‘ultimate cardio exercise.’ They go on to mention, “Jumping jacks work on the entire body, making for a great exercise that contributes to weight loss all over. It works on the legs, abdomen and belly area, and arms, allowing for weight loss in these areas.” A bonus benefit of jumping jacks is that they are commonly used to alleviate panic attacks.

Walk Around the Block

There’s nothing like a walk. Whether you are 18 or 82, walking is a simple way to get the blood flowing and the muscles working. MayoClinic notes some of the benefits of walking, mentioning that it can help, “Improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones and muscles, increase energy levels, and strengthen [the] immune system.” Next time you’re left feeling overwhelmed about how to get started implementing a more active lifestyle, look no further than a quick walk around the neighborhood.


We’ve all been that stick figure curling ten pound dumbbells. It’s a staple element of the “I just began working out starter pack.” VeryWellFit elaborates on bicep curls by saying that, “It’s a great exercise for seeing results in strength and definition.” Not only does this classic exercise help you develop volume and strength in your arms, it also helps train your body to use your arms correctly for other more intense workouts down the line. Don’t be embarrassed to grab that small dumbbell and watch yourself in the mirror. It’s actually more helpful than people might think.

We hope that you will make use of these beginner exercises as you get started on your fitness journey. Be sure to stop by the office and tell Dr. Hartle about your recent gains.