Fall Activities that Promote an Active Lifestyle

The end of summer is approaching very quickly. People are getting their cups ready for the incoming pumpkin spice and their closets prepared for the looming dips in temperature. With that in mind, we wanted to expand on the series we started this summer, which discussed seasonal tips for staying active. Worry not: there are tons of ways to enjoy the pretty colors while getting a workout in simultaneously. 


Nature Walk

This one is the most obvious, but it’s still jam-packed with benefits. While nature is serving (arguably) its prettiest aesthetic, it makes for a great excuse to get some exercise in. The experts at IQEQ stated that among the benefits of taking a quick nature walk include that walking “Strengthens the heart and increases circulation [and] reduces stiffness in joints and improves posture and flexibility.” To put it simply, your Instagram feed isn’t the only thing that will be thanking you for planning a quick nature walk this fall. 

Pumpkin Picking

Did you even celebrate fall if you didn’t go pumpkin picking? If not, you certainly didn’t get the corresponding health benefits either. Apart from the obvious benefits for your muscles, the pumpkins themselves come with a variety of health benefits. According to WonderLabs, these include weight loss, bolstered immunity, increased energy, and improved blood pressure.


Raking Up the Leaves

Enjoy some pretty colors and get a workout in while you’re at it by breaking out the rakes and bags. Raking leaves is a fun way to get some valuable exercise this fall. In fact, AARP described the muscles that get a workout through this activity by saying, “[Raking leaves] helps build upper-body strength, as well as core strength, or strength in your back and stomach.” We can’t confirm whether jumping in the pile of leaves gets you more of a workout, but we can guarantee that it makes it much more fun.



Got little ones in your family? Trick-or-treating makes for an incredible excuse to get moving while creating some fun memories. If you want to make it into a more extreme workout routine, TapGenes shared some really interesting ways to feel the burn while the little ones are feeling the sugar rush. This list includes ideas such as pulling toddlers in a wagon, candy bag resistance, purposely seeking out hills, and more. If you incorporate any of these ideas into your trick-or-treating this year, be sure to stop by and show us videos after!

While it might require a bit more creativity than its predecessor, there are still plenty of easy ways to stay active this fall. We hope you use these tips to achieve optimal health.