The Importance of Physical Therapy During the Changing Seasons

Now that it is spring, the weather switches from cold to warm and our bodies seem to struggle to keep up with the change. Physical therapy has many overall benefits year-round, but it is especially helpful during the changing seasons. In this blog post, we will discuss how physical therapy during the changing seasons is beneficial.

The Weather and Aching Joints

It is common for joints and bodies to ache more than usual during changing seasons, especially from winter to spring. The weather plays a major role in how your body operates. An article by BioMedCentral discusses the association between weather and the use of physical therapy, mainly highlighting those with health conditions like osteoarthritis (OA). They explain that those that have conditions like OA can suffer from joint stiffness and increased pain during the changing weather.

As bones, muscles, and tendons have different densities, humidity changes have also been found to affect the expansion and contraction of these tissues, which is associated with joint discomfort in OA patients” (BMC, 2022).

Physical Therapy is often sought during the changing seasons to better help the body become better accustomed to the different weather conditions. For those that struggle with conditions such as OA, it is recommended they seek physical therapy to help ease their pain and to help find the treatments that will best benefit them.

What We Suggest You Do

We understand that sometimes it is a little difficult to go in and see a physical therapist. That is why we suggest you pick some exercises that you can safely do at home that also alleviate your pain.

Stretching can be done every day and can help loosen up your muscles and joints. Some stretches that you can do include raising your arms up high and across your chest. You can also roll your shoulders front and back to help loosen your shoulders.

Strength exercises are also helpful and we recommend you do these exercises at least 2 days a week. You can use a variety of at-home equipment and go at your own pace. We have kettlebells you can purchase. These are easy to store in your home and easy to incorporate into at-home exercises that you are doing. While doing strength exercises, remember to go at your own pace and don’t force yourself to lift too heavy of weight before you are ready. You can harm yourself if you do not go at a pace that is better fit for you.

Any movement is good movement. What we mean by this is that getting your body moving is beneficial, no matter what it is. You can go swimming, take a walk, play at the park with your family, and so much more. When you are moving, it is beneficial for your heart, muscles, and your joints. It helps your body recognize the movement and loosen up your body a bit.

We want to give a friendly reminder to make sure that you drink water and stay hydrated while exercising. It is always important to stay hydrated, but it is especially important to stay hydrated while exercising because you are sweating and losing that bodily fluid.

If you are able to see a physical therapist, then we encourage you to make an appointment with us. We will help find what best benefits you and will help you find the best way to cope with the changing seasons and weather.