How Sports Chiropractic Care Can Prevent Injuries

While sports are beneficial to our physical and mental health, they can take a toll on our bodies. According to the CDC, over 8.6 million people suffer from sports-related injuries in the United States. The lower body is more likely to be injured than the upper body: about 42% of injuries occur in the lower body, while 30.3% occur in the upper extremities. While these numbers might sound scary, there are plenty of ways to prevent injuries both on and off the field. 

What are the Most Common Sports Injuries? 

Strains and sprains are the most common injuries that occur while playing sports. Sprains happen when ligaments –  the tough, fibrous bands that connect to joints – are stretched too far and tear. On the other hand, strains are injuries to muscle fibers and tendons. Strains are common when athletes overstretch or overwork a muscle: the repeated stress causes tears in the fibers and tendons. 

According to The Burden of Musculoskeletal Diseases in the United States, one in five (or 26%) musculoskeletal injuries are sprains or strains. While such injuries are very common, they are preventable. Athletes should warm-up or stretch before intense physical activity. However, if stretching isn’t enough, a licensed chiropractor can be a valuable tool in the fight against injuries. 

How can Chiropractors Prevent Injuries? 

While chiropractic treatment is primarily used to relieve pain in muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues, it also plays an important role in injury prevention. There are four ways chiropractors prevent injuries: spine alignment, fitness evaluations, posture restoration, and tension release.

Spinal Alignment 

Chiropractors typically prevent injuries and increase body functioning through proper spine alignment. Proper spine alignment has a wide range of benefits, including reduced injuries, increased range of motion, and faster recovery times. As a bonus, regular spinal alignment can reduce pain and help clients enjoy a healthy life for years to come. 

The Fitness Test

To prevent injuries, chiropractors typically conduct fitness tests. To better understand clients’ bodies and their risk of injury, a chiropractor will establish fitness levels. If there are any limbs or muscles that are susceptible to injury, a chiropractor will examine and address them. During a fitness test, the chiropractor will ask you to perform several simple movements that will test your range of motion. They may also perform a Straight Leg Test or a Psoas Muscle Test.

Posture Restoration 

Poor posture is often the result of a misaligned spine. This can lead to injuries, especially if the person is an athlete or participates in sports. While posture restoration can be fixed, it often takes multiple visits to the chiropractor’s office. To avoid unnecessary harm to your body, make sure to visit Allen County Family & Sports Chiropractic to minimize spinal damage! 

Tension Release 

Many athletes sustain injuries through muscle tension. Left unchecked, muscle tension can reduce mobility and cause serious injuries. Luckily, chiropractors are experts at releasing tension. Through neck and spinal adjustments, chiropractors relax the body and improve blood flow. These techniques can reduce and even prevent injuries. 

If you’re looking to prevent common sports injuries, schedule a session with Allen County Family & Sports Chiropractic today! Our team uses non-invasive methods to treat and prevent injuries. Allen County Family & Sports Chiropractic will discover the underlying cause of your pain and help you pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.