Allen County Family and Sports Chiropractic in Fort Wayne uses a complete approach to improve health and wellness in every area of your life.

Our Treatment Philosophy


We believe in challenging the healthcare status quo. We believe in empowering and inspiring our patients to change their lives.


The way we challenge the healthcare status quo is by offering the best on-time affordable care, being approachable and caring, and to offer healthcare in a natural and holistic way. The way we empower and inspire our patients to change their lives is by educating them, helping them to move better, and by being role models.


We help people change their lives by offering exceptional chiropractic and nutritional counseling services, superior functional rehabilitative programs, and high-quality nutritional supplements.

Insurance Providers:

We can see EVERYONE but are not in-network with every insurance. If you do not have insurance, we offer straightforward self-pay costs. We work with and for our patients, and NOT a third party.