Adding a new page


Go to

Add a new page

Go to pages on left, then click add new.

Add a header image

Go to header options, and click “add to gallery”

Add a dark or light background

Above the following content, if you’d like to add a background, click “layout background color”

Insert content

“Add layout” and then “standard content”. Insert the text or images you’d like. Hit update or publish on the right to make it live on the website.

Linking a new page

The url to the page is at the top of the editor

Adding a page to the main navigation

Warning: this is a bit dangerous. The header was custom sized to fit a certain number of links and adding more could make the navigation break in smaller browsers or mobile devices.

Go to Appearance>Menus

Navigation is broke into items on the left, and right of the logo in the header. At the top select top left or top right navigation.

Select the page you would like to add, drag to change the order and then click Save Menu to finish.

Adding a new blog post

Go to Posts>Add New

Add a featured image

Add content and publish

It will now show on the blog page: