Simple Weight Loss Tips That Will Stick the Whole Year

We’re officially past the first week of the new year, and you may already be struggling with the resolutions that you set for yourself. Fear not! We are here to help you with simple weight loss tips that will stick throughout the year. These may be just what the doctor (Doctor Hartle, to be exact) ordered to get you back on track for success.


Small Steps are Still Steps

The answer is not to go from Brendan Fraser in “The Whale” to a swimsuit model overnight. Small steps are still crucial and will lead to more significant steps down the road. According to LifeHack, “Once you’ve established momentum with micro-steps and add it to your schedule before or after an already established habit, you will have a much greater chance of success.” Getting overwhelmed and giving up never helps anyone. Start small and track your success accordingly.

Consistency is Key to Success

On that same note, consistency is the secret to being successful. Doing something once, especially regarding weight loss, will not change anything in the long run. Too often, we have seen people go hog wild on one trip to the gym and 1) hurt themselves and 2) not do it again when they don’t see immediate results. Entrepreneur notes, “Consistency is massively important because it allows you to focus on what you want. Focusing on a goal and working toward it every day allows you to utilize the power of intention.” Doing a simple thing every single day beats doing an insane task once every single time.

Stick to Measurable Results

Speaking of getting results, the only way to stay motivated to achieve a goal is to make it measurable. That means that instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” you should say, “I want to lose 5% of my body weight by the end of the month.” ClarityChi echoes this by saying, “Making a goal measurable entails setting a deadline and making sure you know what you are looking for once you reach that deadline.” Keep the old acronym of a SMART goal in mind when you make a resolution for yourself, and you’ll be one step closer to success.

Liquid Calories are the Silent Killer

This is a secret that isn’t so secret but is so often forgotten about. When people want to lose weight, they immediately look at their plates, trading high-calorie food items for vegetables, while neglecting to look at the glass next to it. You’d be amazed by how many inches you can drop off your waistline when you remain firm to strictly drinking water (and, yes, that means water, not water with a pouch of something added to it.) Per a study shared by FitDay, “Research suggests liquid calories can be an even bigger diet bust than food. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found a stronger link between cutting liquid calories and losing weight than it did between reducing solid calories, or food, and losing weight.” So, next time you want to lose weight, don’t bring soda along with you for the ride. Don’t even get us started on Gatorade!


Simply put, the secret to being successful on your weight loss journey is to keep it simple, consistent, and easy to measure. We wish you much success with your resolution.